Donovan postpones loan decision | Soccer By Ives

photo by David Bernal/

If you think the Los Angeles Galaxys season ending means Landon Donovan is ready for an offseason loan out to Europe, think again.He hasnt made up his mind yet.

Donovan told Sky Sports News on Thursday he wanted to enjoy his vacation before making a decision on whether hell go out on loan from the Galaxy for a third consecutive year.

Give me a few weeks and I will have an answer for you, Donovan said.

Right now Im four days into my vacation and Im going to enjoy it. Im going to chill and then in a few weeks I will make a decision.

Should Donovan want to be loaned out, Everton is likely to be a team interested in acquiring him, especially after his impressive three-month stint with the club earlier this year.

What do you think Donovan will do you? What should he do? Where do you see him going should he want to be loaned out again?

Share your thoughts below.


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